Happy World Vegan Day – 10 myths about a plant-based diet

Happy World Vegan Day!


Hello my beautiful angels!

I can’t even believe it’s November already! Where the hell has this year gone? I’ve been feeling super reflective this week and been thinking about how much my life has changed over the space of 11 months.

I mean, yes, I still work in showbiz, I still live in London and my rabbits still run rings around me, but some of the most important people in my life now I didn’t even know this time last year and some people I thought would be by my side forever are no longer around – not dead, just dicks, to clarify.

But one thing that I’ve really pushed this year is animal cruelty awareness. I know how daunting it is when you first turn vegan – you’re trying to figure out how to ‘survive’ on a plant-based diet, you have people teasing your new lifestyle and you find out that your favourite foundation is tested on animals.

But, honestly, going vegan isn’t as hard as people make out. In fact, it was the easiest thing I’ve done and my only regret is not ditching meat, dairy and eggs earlier than I did.


I instantly assumed that those who are vegan share my love for animals. And as much as I wish that’s true, it’s not. A  lot of people have decided to adopt the plant-based diet because it’s healthier, cheaper and friendly on the environment. That used to anger me at first because I thought everyone should show compassion towards animals, but then I realised that anyone who is vegan ultimately wants the same outcome as me – a healthier and, in some cases, a longer life,  reduce global warming, stamp out human hunger, save water and prevent the horrific abuse and slaughter of innocent lives!

Now that November has rolled around – and that officially means it’s World Vegan Month – what better time to start your vegan transition than with the 30-day challenge? Now is the perfect time to give a different way of life a try. I guarantee you’ll feel so much healthier after just four weeks. And, unlike most ‘challenges’, you don’t need to part with any cash, raise money or run 500 miles, you save 17 animals!

vegan month

I could put together a list of things you CAN do to help start the transition but I thought it would be interesting to pour cold water on some of the myths that may be putting people OFF the vegan lifestyle.

Myprotein – a UK-based high quality supplements brand – have sent me over a cheeky little fact sheet so that my beautiful readers don’t need to go scrolling through the big wide web to find out the truth.

Myth 1

myth 45

muth 67

myth 89

My diet is so varied. I love curries and I really enjoy throwing in loads of different veggies, herbs and spices and I can honestly say, I’ve never made the same curry twice. Take it meal-by-meal, day-by-day, week-by-week and eventually it’ll become so normal that you’ll screw your nose up at meat. I don’t miss meat and dairy because I get everything I need from plants and my pallet has changed considerably!

For all you gym go-ers out there, who need an increase in protein, give Myprotein a go. They have a vegan blend, which includes shakes, snacks and loads of  ingredients you can add to any meal for a health boost.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be making some sweet snacks with their products so make sure you pop back (or subscribe so that it goes to your email) to see what I’ve been up to in the kitchen!

On a final note, I’ve decided to take on my own little challenge this November, I’m going to TRY and blog every single day for the whole of vegan month. Wish me luck 😉

Love and hugs x

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