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What I’m taking in my baby’s hospital bag

There’s actually nothing more exciting than packing your baby’s hospital bag.

In fact, packing your little one’s bag is more exhilarating than packing your own because you get to coo over the teeny tiny outfits and wonder how a fully-grown baby, who will soon fit into said garments, was able to wriggle around in your belly for the last nine months.

I started packing mine and baby’s bag when I was 35 weeks after I suffered a vaginal bleed (more on that another time) and it’s been stashed in my living room ever since.

I spent the first few weeks of the third trimester watching what everyone else was taking with them on YouTube. I know my baby is being born via a C-Section so some of the things I’ve had to take will differ from the items that I would’ve packed had I aimed for a natural.  I also don’t know how long I’m going to be in hospital for as it’s major abdominal surgery so I wanted to make sure I had enough clothes for my little girl as my house is over an hour away.

Below are the items I’ve packed into my daughter’s changing bag. I do have another pack of nappies in my suitcase as well as two blankets and her snowsuit for the chilly drive back home but I couldn’t fit them into her bag so they ended up in mine.

See, already making sacrifices haha!

The Motherly Boutique Company Changing Bag – £44.99

Baby changing bag

I knew from very early on that I wanted a rucksack as my changing bag because there’s nothing more annoying than having a pram to push, your handbag to hold and a changing bag slung over the bars while also trying to keep an eye on your newborn daughter snoozing away.

So when I found this company on Instagram I just knew this was the perfect bag for me because not only did it match the colour of my Bugaboo but it also had lots of compartments – including a wet wipe slit on the side so that you can grab wipes easily on the go and an insulating pouch at the front to keep bottles cool in summer and hot in winter – for easy management.

Baby changing bag
In the front pouch I’ve popped in some Kit and Kin nappies so that I can grab them as soon as I’m wheeled back round to recovery, as well as some Naty nappy sacks to discard that horrendous first poop and a few large sandwich bags to put her clothes in in case we have a bum explosion.

The side pouch has a pack of Water Wipes. I know midwives recommend you use cotton wool balls and warm water but I’ve heard that first meconium poo is impossible to get off. These wipes were the purest I could find as they’re 99.9% water and 0.1% fruit extract.



In the main body of the bag I’ve packed all of her outfits into zip lock bags and labelled them ‘Outfit 1’, ‘Outfit 2’ etc so that my mum can just grab the bag for me and she doesn’t need to waste time rummaging around for a vest, baby grow and cardigan.

This is mainly because I don’t know how quickly I’ll be able to move around after my section or whether I’ll end up being knocked out for it so I wanted to make sure she was put in an outfit that I had chosen. Maybe it’s a first-time mum thing??

I’ll try and link as many of the outfits as I can below but some of this stuff I bought in the summer when I found out her sex and it’s no longer available after a season change over.

First outfit

Vest – Asda  || Baby Grow with built in scratch mitts – Debenhams   || Cardigan – knitted for me by my friend’s nan || Hat – Ralph Lauren

Outfit 3

Outfit 2

Botth of these outfits came from Asda but I bought them in the summer when I found out her sex and I can’t seem to find them online anymore. The cardigans were knitted for me.

Outfit 4

Baby grow – Mothercare || Vest – Asda || Cardigan – knitted for me || Bib – Ted Baker

Both of these baby grows are from Mothercare.Bagged going home Outfit 5

Vest – Asda || Leggings/top – Mothercare || Socks – Debenhams || Cardigan – knitted for me || Hat – Asda || Scratch mitts – Mothercare


I’ve decided to take three muslin squares with me because I’m hoping to breastfeed so I thought I may want to cover my boob in the hospital as well as use them to wipe up sick and lay down on the hospital bed before I change her bottom to prevent a poo spillage on my sheets.

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