Breakfast in bed

What I eat in a day… as a pregnant vegan

Breakfast in bed

There are so many dos and don’ts when you find yourself pregnant – don’t have caffeine, don’t eat too many sweets, don’t eat this bean, don’t eat that bean, don’t eat after this time, don’t drink this drink – and quite frankly it’s mind-boggling. Team all those rules with some sickness and all-day nausea and you pretty much feel doomed for the next nine months.

Throughout the whole first trimester I was basically living off lemonade and ready salted crisps because there was nothing I could keep down. The lemonade I drank with my anti sickness meds and the ready salted crisps I ate because my body was craving salt (I’m guessing that’s because I lost so much salt being sick) and I needed something stodgy to help dissolve the tabs.

Once my sickness started to settle down and my food aversions finally subsided, I decided I really needed to get back into my healthy eating because there’s no way I wanted my child to start life with an addiction to ready salted crisps and lemonade!!

I still have days where I can’t keep anything down but on the better days I try to get as many vitamins and nutrients into me as possible. I’ve been a vegan now for three years and going back to eating animals never appealed to me during my pregnancy – some could call me lucky or maybe my body knows it just doesn’t need it – so I’ve pretty much returned to the types of meals I ate before I started to grow my little angel – albeit a little bit more because I’m always hungry!!

So for breakfast I tend to have porridge made with coconut milk, a teaspoon of cacoa powder, fresh strawberries and raspberries and a drizzle of agave nectar.




Lunch is vegan toast, smashed avocado (homemade), a pinch of salt and chilli flakes. I then like to add some carrot sticks, cucumber sticks and cherry tomatoes on the side.


Dinner varies from day to day but on this particular day I had stir fry. Fry up veggies, add some lemon juice, a tablespoon of tahini, soy sauce and some water. Boil some rice noodles and then add them to the stir fry to brown them up. Finally, sprinkle some b12 yeast flakes on top.


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