How to get over a cold – the vegan way!


A 24-year-old female is fighting for her life at home after she contracted a deadly virus (also known as the common cold) as the temperature in London plunges below freezing.

Ok, that statement may be an exaggeration but it’s true, vegans do get sick from time-to-time. We’re not robots, we’re not resilient to every bug, we’re just humans who don’t eat animals.

Some ‘preachy’ vegans will claim they never get sick, they’re always on top form, never have a down day, always bursting with energy and can cure anything with plants.

And while, yes, since I’ve been vegan my immune system has leapt through the roof, I still catch things from time-to-time – especially when I’m stressed, rundown or tired.

Unfortunately I’ve been pushing myself at the gym recently – going six/seven times a week – I’ve been doing double shifts at work and I’ve found it really hard to drop off to sleep and, therefore, I have picked up some kind of virus that’s attacked my throat, ears and sinuses.

But, since I went vegan, I’ve been more in tune with my body and I could instantly tell my body was struggling – even before I started to feel unwell.

I was in dance last week and mid-way through the routine, my head started feeling really pressurised and my energy dropped – and low and behold, the next day, I had the sniffles.

Anyone who knew me before I ditched animal products from my diet will know that I used to get cold after cold after cold – and they weren’t pleasant hons! In fact, I’d often have to take time off work because I was so bunged up and I’d usually contract tonsillitis with it. And not to mention how long they’d take to fuck off – a good 14 days minimum!

Now my colds typically last between 1-3 days and just give me a bit of an itchy throat. This one is an exception because it’s lingered for over a week but it’s not that bad. I’ve gone to work, I’ve been sleeping fine, I can breathe and I’m not wiping my nose every two minutes.

I try to stay away from medication unless I absolutely have to take it, so I’ve put together five little tips and tricks that will help vegans and meat-eaters get through the cold and flu season WITHOUT having to rely on lemsip and sore throat sweets. I got your back angels 😉

A huge vegetable soup


As soon as I feel a cold coming on or I’m feeling slightly run down, I go home and make a massive soup stacked full of good immune-boosting veggies and yummy flavours.


  • One red onion
  • A handful of kale
  • Five cloves of garlic (this is great for colds and I love the taste/smell – bye bye vamps)
  • A large chunk of garlic (about the length between your nail and the bend in your thumb)
  • Carrots
  • Courgettes
  • Fresh coriander
  • Sweet potato
  • Butternut squash
  • Peas
  • (basically any veggies you want to chunk in)

Boil it up with a vegetable stock, add your salt and pepper and herbs, and then blend it. 



Smoothies are fantastic when you don’t feel like eating. When I’m feeling run down, I tend to lose my appetite or I’m so lethargic I can’t be bothered to make dinner. But I will always try to get a drink packed with fruits and vegetables in my system at some point.


  • Granny Smith apple
  • Ginger
  • Cucumber
  • Kale
  • Strawberries
  • Raspberries
  • Blueberries
  • An orange
  • Banana
  • Protein powder
  • Coconut water



Make sure you drink plenty of fluids. I know it’s shit drinking when you’re battling a sore throat but, honestly, push through the pain and you’ll be flushing out the toxins a lot faster. I also find water soothes my throat too because it’s cold – sort of numbs it – and stops it from drying up. Stay away from tea/coffee and if you want a hot drink, opt for a hot cup of lemon water. I make sure I drink my 2L a day but I will usually increase it by half a litre when I’m ill.


Pamper yourself

Bath tub

I ALWAYS break out when I get run down. My skin is usually pretty clear – except for a few scars from acne in my teens – but I find my face, back, shoulders and chest will develop these disgusting mountain-like pimples when I’m ill and they take foreverrrrr to go away.

I know it’s inevitable because my body is busy trying to fight off the virus attacking my system but I like to have a hot bath (the steam helps clear your airwaves), douse my hair in coconut oil and lay with a face mask on in a cold, dark, room. The face mask will draw out any bacteria lurking in your pores, the coconut oil will pump some moisture into your hair and the cold, dark, room will help relax your mind so you can focus on positive thinking.

Chill out babes!

(c) Amy Maria Roberts

If you’re like me and hate missing a gym day, getting sick is probably the most inconvenient thing because it throws your programme all out of sync.

But don’t soldier on, take some time off from the gym – maybe even a week – and let your body focus on getting better rather than trying to spread itself so thin that it’s trying to balance repairing your muscles, calming your mind and fighting a virus. Our immune systems are pretty impressive things but don’t make its job harder by piling on more issues.

When you start to feel better, gently ease some physical activity back in. Go for a walk or do some stretching. Don’t fly before you can jump (I definitely just made that up but it sounds so much cuter than run before you can walk) otherwise you’ll pick up another virus.

For the past few nights I haven’t done anything – I’ve come in from work, made some food, had a shower and got into bed. Music makes me happy (even though I’m a terrible singer) so I like to lay in bed listening to some feel-good tunes or watching my favourite vloggers on YouTube.

Some of my fave hons:

Imogen Hudson

She has the best energy – has me in stitches throughout every single video of hers I watch, she actually replies to your messages on social media and she has THE BEST family!

Elle Darby

I actually found Elle while looking for some other exercises I could add to my routines in order to grow my bootaaay, but her personality is so infectious I ended up watching like 20 videos back-to-back one evening. She’s hilarious, so down-to-earth and her Insta stories are jokes!

Hanna Oberg

If you want to be riddled with body envy, Hanna is the one to watch. Honestly, she’s got serious body goals. Her fitness videos give me life and keep me motivated. She’s also the only person I’ve seen that has a flawless tan all year round – even though she lives in Sweden!


Meggan is another YouTuber I found while trying to overhaul my gym routine. She was actually the one who got me into resistance training and I love how she’s not crazy about her food. Also, her new puppy Bluebell and cat Poppy are just the cutest – I could watch them all day!

Derrick Jaxn

Are you dealing with a broken heart right now? Want to find out whether you’re dating a fuck boy or simply want to know what to look out for when it comes to bagging mr right? Derrick Jaxn is your relationship advisor. His videos are super short but knock sense into you!

Naturally Stefanie

I couldn’t possible do a YouTube recommendation without including Stef! She’s a fellow vegan (whoop whoop), lives in the UK and has the best bum/abs ever to walk this country!

Give Stef a watch if you’re looking to transition into veganism because she has recipes, food guides, workout plans, make-up tutorials etc on her channel.

So, with that being said, if you are fighting a cold right now, I hope you feel better real soon and I hope these little tips I’ve provided you with help you get over it as quickly as possible.

Love and hugs my beauties x

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