Vegan girl’s guide to a happy, cruelty-free, organic period

Remember when I used to open every blog post with “Hey my Bloggeroos” all those years ago? How cute was that?

I was reminiscing today about all the beautiful wild kangas I saw when I was in Australia in 2015 and then my mind flashed back to the nickname I used to give all you guys.

Well, guess what! I’m bringing it back, babies! So here goes: How are my favourite Bloggeroos doing today? Ready for some reading?

Now, today’s post is slightly more gory than you’re probably used to seeing on here and some may feel uncomfortable so to my male readers, if you’ve got this far, you may want to hit the little ‘x’ now – sorry!

I’m just going to throw it out there: I’m on my period. It sucks, I feel bloated, I feel lazy, I have a raging headache and all I want to do is scoop tablespoons of Booja Booja ice cream into my mouth while I curl up on the sofa binge watching ‘Orange is the New Black’.

I’m not afraid to say that. I’m not afraid to share that with the web because, let’s face it, every woman on this planet has experienced a period in their lifetime, so why is there such a taboo surrounding it?

I’ve been having periods for well over a decade now but I still get all flustered when I approach the very good-looking sales assistant at my local health store with tampons in my hand. Why is that? At the end of the day, a period should be a celebration because 1) I didn’t unintentionally get knocked up and 2) My body is being a boss and doing the thing it does every month to tell me everything is working just fine.

Although ‘that’ time of the month is part and parcel of being a lady, could your hygiene be doing you more harm than good? The answer to that is probably yes.

Before I went vegan, I was completely oblivious to how the sanitary products I used were made – I would just pick up Tampax Pearl and get on with my day – but after I began investigating whether the household and beauty products I had used for years were suitable for my vegan lifestyle, I realised not only are a lot of the “common” brands – Tampax, Always and Bodyform to name a few – for animal testing but they also pump their products with toxins, chemicals and, in some cases, metal!

So how are tampons tested on animals? Tampons are made from cotton, which are then bleached with chlorine and the chlorine has been tested on animals beforehand. BUT some companies think it’s OK to test the whole product on animals by shoving the bullet-shaped absorbent into tiny rabbits!

That information alone was enough for me to throw out all of my tampons/towels and track down vegan-friendly companies. But if animals don’t touch your heart – like they do mine – then maybe this next fact will strike you – especially when you delve into the nitty gritty of what you’re putting into your body.

Many tampons and towels – unless they’re made by organic companies – are packed with artificial colours, polyester, adhesives, polyethylene (PET), polypropylene, and propylene glycol (PEG) – all of which are linked to cancer, birth defects, dryness, and infertility.

With that in mind, I’ve listed what I use when I’m on that time of the month:

  • Natracare
  • TOTM

Both of these brands do tampons and towels in varying sizes. You can get them from your local health store, Ocado or online.


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