Vegan & gluten-free curry

Homemade gluten-free & vegan chickpea curry

When I tell people I’m vegan and a coeliac, the first thing that comes into their heads is that I must eat carrot sticks, salad and a shit tonne of kale for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

And, while yes that’s true to some extent, you’ll be surprised to hear I never make the same meal twice – except jacket potato, beans and rocket because I love that after dance every Tuesday (it’s basically become a ritual because I can leave it to cook while I shower).

Vegan & gluten-free curry

But, anyway, aside from that, I never follow recipes. I think that’s why I enjoy making vegan meals so much because essentially I’m using the same ingredients but end up eating completely different things simply by adding a spice, tinned tomatoes, rice, quinoa etc.

I’m also the worst person for chucking in spices and herbs without actually measuring them out because I’m spontaneous and experimental – that’s the excuse I like to use anyway!

But, because of that reason, I don’t often post meal ideas on here. However, this dish is too frigging good not to share. I’m even convinced meat-eaters will enjoy this too!!

Curry ingredients

This curry is adaptable so you can add pretty much any vegetable and still get the same result. For example, I usually add broccoli but yesterday I decided to omit it because I didn’t have the sticks and I find the florets to be too chunky for the consistency.

If you’re going to follow this recipe to the tee, you’ll need:

  • One red onion
  • One large garlic clove
  • One green pepper
  • A little over a teaspoon of coconut oil (for the pan)
  • One tin of chopped tomatoes (organic if possible)
  • Two/three handfuls of spinach (because I like it)
  • One tin of cooked chickpeas in water
  • Frozen/tinned garden peas
  • One vegetable stock cube (I use the brand Kallo)
  • Mild curry powder
  • Chopped coriander
  • Lemon juice
  • Coconut milk
  • Wholegrain rice to serve


1) Slice the onion, garlic and green pepper up into squares/strips and cook them in a wok containing the melted coconut oil until they’re soft.

Onion, garlic and pepper

2) Once the onion, garlic and pepper are soft, turn the heat down to about 5 (I have an electric stove) and add in the tinned tomatoes and fill the empty can with cold water and pour that in.

3) Then add your stock cube and mash it up with your wooden spoon and give it at stir.

Tinned tomatoes

4) Add your chickpeas and half a tin of cold water and give it a stir before adding your mild curry powder. I never measure this out, I just pour it and hope for the best but I would say about a tablespoon and a half if you’re being careful or four shakes of the tub.

Chickpeas in the curry

5) Add in your garden peas – as many as you like – and add in the juice of two lemons as well as a few dashes of coconut milk (this is to dull down the spice so add as much as necessary) and a tablespoon of coriander. I use the coriander in my herb rack but you can use fresh if you like!

6) Finally add your spinach. Leave the spinach until last because it only takes about three minutes to cook and if you have it in there for too long, you lose all the goodness. I usually whack my spinach in and put my rice in the microwave and they should both be done about the same time.

I absolutely love this recipe because it only takes about 20 minutes – if that – to make. Done in minutes, gone in seconds. Honestly, it’s so good, I actually ate the whole lot last night!

I hope you enjoy! Let me know if you try it out and what you think!

Peace x

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