Bump date - third trimester

Bump-date: Floating like a bird through the third trimester

Bump date - third trimester

I know I’ve been a bit MIA (missing in action) recently and haven’t uploaded as much as I would’ve liked to but I do have a lot of baby posts scheduled, I just haven’t set them live yet as I’ve been pre-occupied with hospital dashes and various other issues.

I’m not sure if I’m going to go into the details just yet, I think I might leave them for my overall pregnancy experience post once little lady is here because I’m still anxious about some of the things that have been happening of late.

Considering I did a first and second trimester update on here, I thought it was only right that I share my third (and final) trimester experience with you as well.

A lot of people told me that the second trimester was the best for them because they regained their energy, felt less sick and felt blooming beautiful but, in all honesty, I think the third trimester – apart from these final few weeks – has been my favourite. I really developed a bump from 28 weeks and I actually started to embrace my growing belly because I looked pregnant, not just fat.

Baby girl’s movements get stronger and stronger every day and I just love feeling her roll, kick and stretch inside me. I speak to her all day every day and I’ve started singing to her in the shower, which she actually reacts to! Although I wonder if she’s trying to tell me to shut up given my lacklustre vocals rather than jive along to my self-made “you’re mama’s little bear, mama’s little angel” jam.

If there’s going to be one thing I’ll miss about pregnancy it’ll be not feeling her wriggle around inside me anymore. Obviously she’ll be wriggling around in my arms instead, which is even better, but I like that we can communicate secretly without anyone knowing.

She’s also started getting hiccups on the daily basis, which can be quite irritating when you’re trying to get to sleep and there’s little jolty movements coming from your hip but I like to just rest my hand against my stomach so that she knows I’m here to look after her.  I notice it more when I’ve had something sweet – like orange juice – and she gulps down the amniotic fluid to get a little taster. She’s got a sweet tooth like her grandma, clearly!

I would say the latter end of the third trimester has been a slight struggle, but no where near as bad as the first trimester. I feel massive – I can’t roll over in bed without having to do it in three stages, the nausea (I haven’t been sick, thank the Lord above) has started to come back in waves and I am starting to get more tired more quickly now.

Bump date - third trimester

Sleeping at night has been a bit of a pain because I either get woken up to pee every hour, my hips go numb and start aching from sleeping on my side, I wake up ravenous at 3am and want to shovel the entire contents of my cupboards into my mouth in one go or baby girl belts me in the ribs.

The heartburn and restless legs I mentioned in my second trimester update have got progressively worse the further into my pregnancy I’ve got. It’s hard to explain the restless legs without sounding like a weirdo but it’s like I’m getting frustrated with them. I pick them up and slam them down and then they irritate me again and I have to quickly move them into another position. Luckily, this only tends to last for about an hour or two around 9pm and then I’m able to get to sleep.

Bump date - third trimester

The heartburn and acid reflux is a nightmare. Some nights I’ll chomp on a whole packet of strawberry-flavoured Gaviscon tablets because I can’t swallow without sick seeping up into my mouth. I’ve had a few broken nights from it but it’s manageable unless I eat too late.

Oh, the other weird pregnancy symptom I’ve developed in the third trimester is skin tags! I’ve realised over the last week or two that I’ve got two skin tags on my belly (no stretch marks yet), one under my armpit and another on the inside of my groin. I was looking into it and apparently they can disappear once you’ve given birth or you can have them removed at the doctors.

And, finally, my boobs are leaking so much milk I’ve actually managed to fill two 10ml syringes of colostrum ready for when she’s here in case we’re unable to breast feed straight away. I’ve had to start wearing breast pads otherwise I develop these unflattering water marks, which stain by the way, around the nipple part of my clothes! Sexy, aye!

I’m just days away from meeting my little love bug now so some of the posts I’ve got pre-written (her hospital bag, my hospital bag and her nursery) may go up after she’s here but I hope you all enjoyed reading my third and final trimester update and I’ll speak to you soon!

Bump date - third trimester

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