The month of love

So I haven’t blogged for fricking ages, five months to be precise, and I’ve really let you guys down because I promised in the last post, and the post before, and possibly the post before that, that I would sit down and have a weekly relationship with my blog. Hmm, seems to me like that relationship fizzled out pretty quickly. However, February is the month of love – even though I think Valentine’s day is a load of old shit – so I’ve decided now is probably a good time to rekindle my connection with my bloggeroos. Truth be told, there’s been a few times I’ve sat down, or stood up, to write a post but then I’ve got distracted and ended doing something different, like spending hours and hours watching  YouTube beauty videos and still not looking any better at the end of it (LOL).

In a bid to get my bikini body ready in time for …  Australia … Oh that? Yeah, I’ve just booked three weeks in Sydney. Say waaah? I leave in 95 days. Buzzing would be an understatement. If any of you have been to Sydney before and have any places that are cool to visit while there, feel free to let me know. Oh and hotels? There appears to be so many skanky hotels/hostels in Oz and I’m really not keen on sharing my bed with a cockroach.

But anyway, in a bid to get my bikini body ready for the land down under, I’ve been going to the gym like, every day. I know what you’re thinking, ‘you’re going to the gym every day?’ with an awkward eyebrow stare at the screen. But yes, I’ve been really into exercise recently. Funny that, I vaguely remember writing something similar on here this time last year haha!  Obviously my obsession with working out only last a few months each year 😉

Meanwhile, I know I write pretty much every day for my job but I’ve had really bad writer’s block recently and haven’t done anything to my book for well over six months or so. I really want to pick that back up because I miss creative writing, so if any of you have any ideas of how I can get past this dry period of non-creativity, please share!

Anyway, I’m going to love you and leave you now because I feel I’ve rambled on long enough.

So, happy Valentine’s day and I’ll speak to you in another six months. JUST KIDDING!

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Au Revoir x

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