Sandy toes and stunning sunsets

After I stepped off the plane at Sydney Kingsford Smith International airport I was filled with both relief, having just completed a 23-hour flight with smelly toilets and crappy plane food, and excitement seeing as I hadn’t seen my boyfriend for just over six months.

However, a few questions kept pumping through my head as I waited patiently for my backpack – one of the last ones taken off the plane may I add – was; ‘What have I done?’ ‘Why did I leave my dream job to travel?’, ‘Why have I left the people I love the most and jetted off to the other side of the world?’, ‘Will everyone judge me and call me a failure if I go home in a few weeks?’

But then it occurred to me that I’d already taken a massive step in my life just by getting on the plane and saying goodbye to my friends and family and it would be silly to turn round and go back just because I was, at that time, filled with apprehension.

I pulled at my heavy rucksack, plonked it on the trolley, and headed for customs, and before I knew it, I had my arms wrapped around Joe and was just about to start my first day in the land Down Under.

Sydney is a beautiful, beautiful, city and it’s filled with such diverse people – kind of like London but without the rain and dirty pavements – but it’s not just the appearance that makes it so appealing to us Brits as the atmosphere here is so surreal that it makes you believe you’re living a dream day-in-day-out.

I’ve been here almost three weeks now and it’s already become my home away from home. My boyfriend and I have spent the majority of that time in a hostel and, although I suffer with a hint of OCD, I’ve started to settle in to the backpacking lifestyle (I don’t wash all the dishes/cutlery/toilet/shower before I use them anymore and I don’t mind queuing to use the bathroom in the morning).

With Christmas approaching, the fancy lights and decorated trees have started to go up around the city, along with Shakin’ Stevens’ ‘Snow is Falling’ blaring out, but it really doesn’t feel like December and it really hasn’t hit me that Christmas is only three weeks away, partly because it’s above 30 degrees most days and everyone is dressed in shorts and T-Shirts.

However, along with the excitement of Christmas, hostels also see it as a way to bump up their prices by about $200 per person, which has encouraged Joe and I to find our own place. We move into our new abode in two days time and are looking forward to celebrating this wonderful time of year together.

Anyway, as much as I’d like to keep telling you all about our adventures, mainly to Bondi and Coogee beach, so far, I think I should probably stop typing as you’re all probably sick of reading so I’ll leave you with some snaps of our travels.





bridge 2

Bondi 2


coogee 3

Bondi 3

Coogee to bondi


Joe and I

christmas tree



opera house


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