Ringing in the New Year in Sydney

I’ve never really been a fan of New Year’s Eve, I’ve always watched the London fireworks on the TV – rather than break the bank trotting up to the capital to see Big Ben explode into a shield of light (I know, I’m boring) – while downing alcohol because I’m feeling depressed about how I’m starting the year 20lbs heavier thanks to the calorific treats I’ve tucked into over the festive season, knowing full well the wine I’m sipping is doing me no favours, either.

However, this time was different, this time I was in Sydney – Australia’s biggest city – and this time I had the world’s best fireworks going off right on my doorstep. How could I not venture out to check out the shenanigans?

It’s true that Sydney is a nightmare on NYE because it’s just so damn busy but if you get the right spot and have the right company, you’ll have a wonderful night filled with stunning lights and pumping music.

I’m not one to stand in crowds, I can’t bear being smothered by people, and you certainly won’t find me getting up at the crack of dawn to secure my spot, neither will I pay out up to $900 for a boat trip, which promises you the ‘best view on the water’ and a three-course meal (sounds fancy, but lets think rational here).

Joe and I left the house about 9pm and wandered down to Pirrama Park in Pyrmont. We managed to secure the perfect spot just behind the bridge, which meant that we saw the Sydney Harbour Bridge light up, the Opera House fireworks in the background and the little displays beside it – all for free.


Sydney NYE

Sydney certainly lived up to its name on December 31, 2014 and I would recommend you all to spend just one NYE here if you can because you definitely won’t be disappointed and it really does put London to shame!!

If you do get the chance to spend NYE in this wonderful city, this wonderful country in fact, be sure to check out http://www.sydneynewyearseve.com where you can find different vantage points, both free and ticketed, to make sure you get the best view of the fireworks. Having said that, they’re so big so you’d pretty much be able to see them from anywhere in the city – providing you don’t want a close-up of the Bridge.








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