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Hey guys,

I’m here with another book review or, should I say, two actually.

When I was younger, much, much, younger I would sit and read book after book after book. Seriously, I was such a book worm and now I’m really keen to write my own novel (as many of you know) but I read a blog post by Amy Packham ( recently and thought how am I meant to write a novel if I’ve stopped reading them myself. So I picked up ‘Mad About The Boy’ by Helen Fielding, which I actually started reading in October last year until my boyfriend spilt his juice on it and completely drenched it. However, I picked it back up last week and it’s a fantastic book. I really can’t wait for the film to come out. What I particularly like about it is that it’s in tiny sections, so if I don’t have time to read a whole chapter I can just read a few sections. The story is the follow-on to ‘Bridget Jones Edge of Reason’ and yes, as many of you know, Mark Darcy does die (BOOHOO!) but it’s really heart-warming. Towards the end you kind of having an inkling of the outcome, but you’re still left guessing until the final page.

Mad About The Boy

The next novel I read was ‘Billy And Me’ by Giovanna Fletcher. This book was amazing, I read this in two days! The story follows a country girl named Sophie May, who hides herself away due to a very dark secret she is trying to keep under-wraps, but she is forced to step out of her comfort zone when she meets and falls for film star Billy.

Sophie has to deal with dating someone in the limelight, moving away from her mum, and ditching the job that she loves. How will she cope? Will she leave Billy for the life she once led?

Also along the way, Sophie loses two people (her dad and a friend) very dear to her and she’s forced to reveal the secret she’s been hiding for over a decade, so not only will this book have you sobbing your heart out, but it’ll also have you going ‘Awwwh!’ and ‘Oh shit!’ along the way too.

Billy and Me

So the next book I’m reading is ‘From Notting Hill To New York … Actually’ by the author Ali McNamara. I’m sure I’ll pop back later on this week to either give you a review of the book or give you an update on what’s been happening in the real world.

Happy reading! x

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