Wow, where to start! I’ve just completed my first day as a trainee journalist! HOW INSANE IS THAT?

The first morning consisted of paperwork and talking through the timetable which was rather daunting because it was put into perspective how little time I have until I will be looking for a job within the journalism field (as long as I pass, obviously). When they said ‘this course is not for the faint hearted’ they weren’t lying!

Our first lesson was Reporting which was 3 hours long but great fun. We looked at how to make a good news article and where to find the story, this was a great help because I had no idea how I would find a story on a regular basis!

The second lesson was the dreaded Teeline. I really am not a fan of Teeline! There is 20 units in our textbook, we learn one unit a day! It’s absolutely crazy…


It’s kind of like learning a new language but you need to be able to write passages at a speed of 60, 80 and 100 words per minute and then read them back! I’m mega nervous! is this even possible? apparently so…

Our challenge for Tonight was to learn unit one of Teeline and to vox pop! I’ve never interviewed someone before so I wasn’t sure how this was going to pan out. HOWEVER, it went brilliantly, I chose to ask about the Olympics and Paralympics and the idea that they are aired on different channels. I whacked out my dicta phone and went in search of someone I could ask a question to and no better person to ask than a supermarket manager!

I’m really sorry this post has been pretty rushed but I have so much to do, I need to write up my vox pop and revise Teeline. I won’t be able to post Tomorrow as I am going to a digital conference with my group and I won’t be back until late but I will make sure I blog Wednesday to fill you all in 🙂

Happy reading


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