Healthy vegan gluten-free pancakes

Natural yogurt and berries
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I know what you’re all thinking… how can pancakes be healthy? Well, let me tell you, you can make anything healthy if you change up the ingredients. This tasty breakfast only contains three ingredients, it’s completely vegan and then you can add any topping you want to suit your needs. These delicious treats are super easy to make, take no time at all and are really filling.


You will need: 

1.5 ouces of gluten-free oats

1 large banana

Almond milk or whatever milk substitue you like

Coconut oil

A hand blender

frying pan

(These measurements make two pancakes)


1) Pour your oats into a Pyrex jug or mixing bowl.

2) Break your banana into chunks and put them into the jug/bowl

Banana & oats

3) Mix the banana and oats with a hand blender until you get a thick, yet smooth mixture.

4) Set your hob to a low heat and melt the coconut oil into a pan

Coconut oil

5) Pour half of the mixture into the pan whilst creating a circular shape

6) Make sure you flip it to brown the other side as well

7) I like to pat it with a piece of kitchen roll just to try and get some of the oil off

8) Repeat steps 5- 7 for the rest of the mixture

9) Add your own topping (coconut yogurt, strawberries, banana or blueberries)

Banana, strawberries & blueberries
(C) Amymariaroberts


Raspberries & blueberries
(C) Amymariaroberts


I hope you’ve all enjoyed this recipe. If you do try out these yummy pancakes, take a picture and tag me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

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