My favourite blogs this month: January

January 2015


I’m always on the hunt for a new, good, blog to read. I read them in the morning while I’m eating breakfast, on my lunch break, after work, before bed and any spare time I get in between.

Nothing beats that feeling you get when you stumble upon a pretty blog and think to yourself, ‘Where have you been all my life?’ I’m guessing many of you blogging enthusiasts are the same.

I hope so anyway, otherwise I sound like a weirdo right about now…

But anyway, moving on, I thought it would be a good idea to list the five blogs I’ve been loving this month, so you can enjoy them too, just in case you aren’t subscribed to them already!

In fact, I might make this a reoccurring thing every month because there’s so many amazing bloggers out there in the big wide world! What do you guys think?

Blue Eyed Fashion


I’m absolutely loving Rebecca’s blog at the moment. I’m so envious of her winter wardrobe. I just want to buy every item she owns, even though I’m currently experiencing 30-degree heat in Sydney and would look slightly odd walking around in knee-high boots and an over-sized coat.

I recommend checking her out if you need some fashion inspiration because she’s 100% nailed it. But then again, she’d probably make a paper bag look super cute. She updates regularly with a new look, so whizz over to her page and give her some love by hitting subscribe!


Hannah Gale


You’ve probably already heard of Hannah but there was absolutely no way I could make a top five and not put her in it! I actually have her blog bookmarked on my laptop (I promise I’m not a stalker).

I love Hannah’s listicles. I always find myself giggling at them and thinking , ‘Oh my God, that’s so true!’ I then proceed to wave my phone in my boyfriend’s face and make him read them too before I allow him to have the TV control back. Who wears the trousers here? I do, I do.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out one of Hannah’s listicles here.

She also does product reviews, things she’s loving during the week and fashion posts, but she writes in such a way that even the world’s most miserable person would crack a smile! Go on, click the link and try not to grin – I dare you.


Couture Girl



I’ve only recently discovered Kayleigh’s blog. I know, I don’t know where the hell I’ve been for the past few years! Kayleigh’s blog is the place to go if you want to be wowed by gorgeous photographs and read honest content – I literally believe every word she says, which is probably why I’ll be broke soon and my house will be filled with heaps of new products. Also, make sure you pop over to her Instagram account because her fashion sense is to die for.


A Yellow Brick Blog


I found Kirstie’s blog just after Christmas on Twitter – how cute is her domain name?! She publishes a new post every single day and I absolutely love reading her in-depth, honest, product reviews. If you secretly wish you were a Disney princess, check out Kirstie’s blog!

She also has a YouTube channel, which you need to subscribe to, and be sure to follow her on Twitter if you want to read her TV commentary every night – her CBB tweets crack me up.


Yasmin Naomi


Yas is a friend of mine from back home and she has only just started her little beauty blog – about time too! Every time she tweets about a new post, I’m probably one of the first people to click the link.

Yas has the ability to make me want to buy everything she writes about! I’ve actually written a list of all the things I want to get from Sephora after reading her mini Parisian haul last week! Please go check her out, you’ll love her! Also, follow her on Twitter and Instagram if you want to see cute photographs of her adorable dog, Hebe!


Do you have any blog recommendations? Who’s your favourite blogger this month?


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PS. Be sure to pop back on Wednesday for a new *hint: fitness* post, where you can see me getting sweaty at the gym and dying from embarrassment in front of body builders.

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