Day seven: My bikini error!

Hello my favourite people of the in-ter-ter-net.

How are my bloggeroos doing? have you been enjoying the tiny pinch of sun that has been shining? Having said that, as I write this post, it looks like it’s about to pour down.

So why have I been the WORST blogger on the planet recently? Truth is, I’ve been pretty friggin’ busy. I’ve had to write a ‘to-do-list’ every morning, that’s how busy I’ve been. I like being busy though, I’m a happier person when I have loads to do but I also work better when I prioritise tasks and make a plan for the day.

In a bid to get a summer body, I went to aqua aerobics last night with my best friend, Pashe. As any other journo will probably tell you, we don’t have time to spend hours in the gym everyday. We’re glued to Twitter, the internet and Microsoft Office. Having said that, I thought it would be a good idea to have an hour off from stalking celebrities and have a long-overdue laugh with my bestie. I never really go swimming, nor do I go in the sea so I only own bikinis. Thinking this would be fine as I stripped off and hurried to the pool… it was not fine. DO NOT DO AQUA AEROBICS IN A BIKINI. Not only do you get funny looks from every regular aqua aerobics go-er in their full length leotard, but you’re forever holding your boobs as you jump up out of the water, fist pumping and pretending you’re a mermaid. With that being said, I couldn’t get out of bed this morning. Well obviously, I could, but it took me a good 10 minutes to lift my legs up. Not to mention my abs. I’ll definitely go again next Tuesday but I shall be investing in a leotard in the meantime.

Talking about aching, my wisdom teeth have decided to make an appearance. They don’t just make the back of my mouth ache, my whole mouth aches, including my front teeth. Does anyone else have this problem? I might have to buy myself a teething ring…I’m only joking.

Anyway swiftly moving on from my body…

January 2013 is over forever and it’s Falling in Love February. Yep, that’s right, it’s Valentines day next week. I personally hate Valentines day but that’s because I don’t believe in showing someone you love them one day a year, you should show them everyday. But whether you’re single or in a relationship, if you want to celebrate Valentines day, why not?

IT’S LONDON FASHION WEEK next week as well but unfortunately I can’t go 🙁 BUT once LFW is over, it’s nearly spring. WOOHOO. I love spring, everything starts to grow and feels fresh. Beautiful.

I’ve started getting my spring wardrobe out. Oooh spring makes me happy.


So that’s gonna’ be it for today guys but I’ll blog as soon as I can, I promise.

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I hope you all have an awesome day/night.

Bye x

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