Day Four: Peter Andre

Hello my beautiful bloggeroos.

How are you all doing? I know I’ve been horrifically bad at updating my blog but it’s actually really hard to find something interesting to talk about every single day! I certainly don’t want to bore you all with my life story.

So as the majority of you know, I absolutely adore Peter Andre. Like, really, really want to marry him. If you read the newspapers/magazines or even read my tweets you would have known that his brother Andrew sadly passed away during his tour so he had to postpone the Brighton tour date until February. Truth be told, I was GUTTED that I would have to wait an extra two months to see my beloved hubby-to-be but I love Andrew too and it was tragic news so we all understood.

After parking my car and wandering down to the Brighton Centre, we were greeted by about six people trying to sell us flashing ears, Peter Andre neck tags and glow sticks. We hopped into the queue (which by this time was right round past Oceana) and stood chatting for 30 minutes in the freezing cold. I didn’t really know what to expect because it was a rescheduled tour date- would there be less people? would there be older people? would there be screaming teenage girls? I would say there was a mixture of all ages of both men and women (obviously more women).

Peter had three supporting acts, including

The Rise

The Risk

and Sam Gray


All were equally as good but I had those annoying 13-year-old girls sat in front of me (I say SAT, I mean STAND) who thought it would be a good idea to stand up the whole way through the show and scream ‘I love you’ at every single act that came on. Granted, I stood up the whole way through Peter’s performance but who wouldn’t? Mr A finally came on stage an hour and a half hour later, ¬†opening the show with hits from his latest album, Angels and Demons. Keen to show off a different side to him, he danced his way through the first track with an all male dance troupe.

His audience were taken into a world of ‘illusion’ with paper falling from the sky and an animated black-drop and in a bid to fulfill the ‘Up Close and Personal’ title, Peter is seen holding a webcam to his face, which was aired on the back-drop.

The 90’s pop king performed some current tracks, as well as covers from the likes of Bob Marley and Elton John, and let’s not forget, Mysterious Girl.


I recommend everyone go and see him next year because he’s friggin’ amazing live!

P.S I got a picture with Andy from The Risk!


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