Confessions of a first-time mummy: My 5 pregnancy essentials

Pregnancy is hard work y’know.

It’s also an absolute minefield when it comes to what you should do, what you should buy, what you shouldn’t eat/drink/wear and how you should conduct yourself when you’re a pregnant lady.

I’m eight months into my pregnancy and throughout that time I’ve had endless blogs, YouTube videos and random people on the street put in their two penneth worth about what I NEED to make my pregnancy that little bit easier. Don’t get me wrong, some of it was useful advice, but a lot of it I found to be complete trash and I wouldn’t waste my hard-earned cash on it if it was 10p.

Pregnancy essentials

So I’ve put together a list of things I think you guys might want/find useful if you’re expecting.

A cushion for sleeping

I was super lucky in the sense my baby bump didn’t pop until I was in my third trimester but everyone told me I needed to get a pregnancy pillow. I did buy a pregnancy pillow off Groupon because, honey, I’m a single mama, I don’t have the cash to splash on a fancy memory foam cushion from Mothercare that costs more than my right arm is worth.

And thank the Lord above I didn’t fork out a fortune on a stupid piece of fabric I’ll never use again because it gets thrown across my room every night along with all the other display cushions I put on my bed every single morning to only take them off again 10 hours later.

Instead, I put one of my normal pillows on one side of me to prevent me from rolling onto my back, another on the other side and I wedge a standard square cushion I got from Dunelm between my knees – and Bob’s your uncle and Fanny’s your aunt – I get the BEST night’s sleep. Sort of.

Dates for constipation

OK, I’m going to go there and talk about poo.

I know it’s one of those really awkward topics that everyone tries to avoid – even though everyone has to shit – but let’s be honest, I’m having a baby, a little bit of poo is nothing compared to the bloody state my vagina’s going to be in once I’ve pushed a baby out of my vajayjay hole.

With pregnancy sometimes comes constipation. Not everyone will suffer with this – I didn’t until I was put on iron tablets – but I swear by dates. I have four to six a day and my bowel movements are like clockwork. They’re also meant to be good for softening the cervix nearer to labour!

Stretch mark cream/oils

I’d heard mixed reviews on stretch mark creams and oils when I first fell pregnant; some people say they didn’t get any red marks thanks to the creams they applied and some say they applied their lotions religiously every single day and were still left with their beautiful tiger marks.

For me, so far, my creams and oils have been working. I mean, I still have a few more weeks to go and now is the time my daughter will start to pack on the pounds but they’ve kept my stomach feeling super moisturised thus far. I also like the fact that for 5-10 minutes of my day morning and night I get to spend some time on me. I massage two different treatments into my belly, boobs, bum and arms and have a good ol’ natter with my little princess.

Maternity leggings

I have refused to waste my money on maternity clothes because a) they’re frumpy and ugly AF and b) I still want to feel like me even if I do have a baby bump to carry around every day.

Most of the clothes I have bought since falling pregnant have just been a size or two bigger to accommodate for my growing belly but I do think maternity leggings are a must. I bought mine from New Look for £7.99 for a pack of two. They’re great because they cover the bump – in other words they come right up to your boobs – and they have more stretch in them than gym pants.

Nursing bras

Up until recently I just wore my sports bras because I couldn’t get my pre-pregnancy bras to do up without squashing my ribs or without my nipples tipping over the top. But now that I’m getting closer to my due date and my milk is starting to come in, I’m finding sports bras uncomfortable so I did invest in two nursing bras. I didn’t see the point in wasting my money on maternity bras when my boobs have a growth spurt every four weeks! However, the nursing bras I can use in the remaining weeks of my pregnancy and for feeding once my little lady is here.


I never realised how bad and persistent heartburn and acid reflux can be when you’re expecting until I fell pregnant myself! Oh my goodness, trying to swallow feels like you’re gulping down a fireball. Trying to sleep is near impossible because it literally feels like there’s a blaze ripping through your stomach, spreading up through your esophagus and setting your mouth alight. Stock up on Gaviscon honey because you’re gonna need it!

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