Cruelty-free Christmas gift guide: For her


Women can be so much easier to buy for when it comes to Christmas because there just seems to be so much more around. However, not all of the brands you buy will be cruelty-free so I’ve put together a little gift guide for the ladies in the your life – whether that be your mum, your nanna, your auntie, your best friend or a secret santa – to help you out when it comes to snapping up the perfect present without the guilt that you’re contributing to the killing of an innocent animal.



1) Matt and Nat Dwell Collection purse – £60

Purses are the ideal gift for women because I, personally, like to switch up my card holder and coin collector (not that I ever carry change) depending on what bag I’m using. This gorgeous Matt and Nat purse is made with vegan leather so will last ages and won’t smell like cow!!

2) Faith in Nature Coconut Gift Set – £16.99

Faith in Nature is my ultimate favourite hair care brand. I’ve been using this company’s products for a few months now and it makes my hair smell and look divine. I used to HAVE to wash my hair every day otherwise it would look an absolute greasy mess but, since using Faith in Nature, I can get away with leaving my hair three/four days before I need to wash it!

3) Spectrum make up brushes – £39.99

I bought the pink Spectrum brushes back in the summer because I realised that the majority of make up brushes are actually made from animal fur. Not only did the thought of an animal suffering excruciating pain while its fur was ribbed out so I could slap some foundation on my absolutely repulse me to my stomach but animal fur on your skin can’t be good for you. These Spectrum brushes are completely vegan and come in some gorgeous colours and sets!

4) La Bante London Acacia Black shoulder bag – £65

If you’re going to get a purse, you might as well get a bag to match. I’m OBSESSED with La Bante London and honestly just want every single bag on their website. La Bante is vegan but their designs are so stylish and sleek. I’ve definitely put a few of these on my wish list this year!

5) The Vegan Kind subscription box – £15 per box

The Vegan Kind is something I stumbled upon last week while on Twitter. I think subscription gifts are perfect to give people. I’ve asked a few of my family members to donate money to animal charities rather than wasting their money on me. But, if you do want to buy something for someone, perhaps the Vegan Kind box will be right up their street? You get a package delivered every three months containing vegan beauty products or vegan food. Not only does it allow people living cruelty-free lives to experiment with new brands but there’s no contract!!

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