Check, mate

Hey my darlings!

Anyone that knows me – or has stalked my Instagram/Snapchat – will know that I’m a huge fan of basic pieces. I’m rarely in anything other than black. Literally, the only bit of colour I incorporate into my look is my bright red lipstick … every single day.

But a red checked shirt is one item that I’ve had in my wardrobe for years purely because it’s so easy to chuck on with a pair of jeans and converse. You don’t have to make much effort but you get all the heads turning. It’s a proven fact that guys are more drawn to women who are wearing red. That’s not the reason I wear it though haha! I think the colour compliments my (horrifically ghostly pale) skin tone.

(Ps. I have a habit of nattering away when I’m having my photo taken, hence the bottom shot haha!)

Checked shirt – H&M

Jeans – Topshop Joni

Shoes – Converse

Sunglasses – Rayban

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