Birthday outfit

Celebrating my 25th birthday… with a burgeoning baby bump

Birthday outfit

Last year I spent my birthday stumbling out of a nightclub in Shoreditch at 3am in the pouring rain – because when does it ever not piss it down on my birthday? – French kissing a boy I had been on and off with for months, in a tiny black dress that I had tried on about 25 times six hours beforehand.

Tottering around in a pair of killer heels that had actually turned my toes white from the dysfunctional position my feet had been wedged in for the last nine hours, my new Illamasqua mascara smeared under my eyes from way too much boozing and half the contents of my clutch bag on the club’s bathroom floor.

Sounds epic, doesn’t it?

The following day my best friend and I were discussing next year’s birthday and how we could make it bigger and better than the previous year.

Throwing ideas back and forth, we decided that we were going to hit – wait for it – IBIZA (classy, I know) for two weeks. There seemed nothing more appealing than lounging around beside the pool in our bikinis during the day while sipping on prosecco and knocking back shots on the strip during the evening.

That idea was swiftly swept under the carpet when I found out I was pregnant six months later.

This year’s birthday couldn’t have been any more opposite to last year’s shenanigans but, honestly, it was one of the best ones I’ve had yet. Waking up at 5am to a baby foot wedged under my ribs and her teeny tiny hand doing a couple of rounds on my bladder instantly made me smile. I felt like she was trying to wish me a happy birthday from inside the womb (she was probably just practicing her right hook but shhh).

After finishing work at midday – because this girl still gotta make money for her little angel – my mum took me for lunch and I polished off a mouth-watering superfood salad and a strawberry vegan milkshake.

I then whizzed round to meet my best friend for coffee and a catch-up. We spent the whole afternoon nattering about life, the baby and the future as the rain (of course it was chucking it down) hammered down on the glass roof above us.

After making my way to the car in the miserable drizzle while wearing a dress and heels that were definitely not suitable for torrential rain but it was the only thing I could get into thanks to my chunky baby popping out, I met my other best friend for dinner. **Notice how much food I consumed this birthday haha**

Birthday meal

I then headed back home to find a present on my dining table from my brother. Anyone who knows my little brother (he’s not little, he’s 6ft, could bench press me and he’s 21) knows he’s pretty late to the game when it comes to buying gifts and cards for people’s birthdays. So, as you can imagine, I was pleasantly surprised and over the moon to find a Pandora gift bag tied with pink ribbon sat in the centre of my table.

Inside was a gift voucher for River Island and a beautiful “it’s a girl” charm for my bracelet. But it was the note he had written inside that really melted my heart. I’ll attach a photo of it below.

Birthday note

I may have spent this year’s birthday stone cold sober with a bulging belly, in an outfit that definitely wasn’t suitable for the showers, but it’ll be one I’ll never forget. I was surrounded by some of the people I love the most (FYI I saw my dad the day before) and I had my precious cub tucked away under my ribs.

As you get older you realise it’s not about the nights out you had or the amount of cheap alcohol you consumed, it’s about who you celebrate it with and how they make you feel.

Thank you to every single one of you who wished me a happy birthday on Snapchat, via text, Facebook, Instagram and over the phone. Here’s to another year of adventures (and shitty baby nappies).

Love and hugs x

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