Animal testing: What’s to come

I’m an avid fan of YouTube. I’m the type of person who sits down religiously every Sunday afternoon to catch up my favourite beauty gurus. But, over the past three or four months, YouTube has slipped off my radar – quite drastically. As many of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook know, animal testing and animal rights has been something that’s really taken over my life for the latter part of this year.

However, since throwing out all of my beauty products, household goods and anything made with real leather or suede, I’ve noticed YouTubers – these people young girls call inspirations – are unknowingly encouraging people to splurge on things that have been responsible for the murder of innocent souls.

I’m 100 per cent against animal testing for anything – medically or cosmetically – and will continue to fight this horrific trade that we call “beauty” until the day I die. But the only way I can do that is by uncovering the truth about the gruesome industry and helping people switch to the cruelty-free way of life.

When I first decided to live the cruelty-free life – which basically happened over night – I found it super hard to find replacements for companies I had been using for the best part of my life. The information online was really confusing and contradictory and I honestly got myself in such a flap.

I’ve spent months doing extensive research on the heartbreaking industry and, although I’m still learning, I’m going to use my little space on the internet to hopefully open your eyes to the truth of the beauty trade and help you work out which companies have animal blood on their hands.

Before I go, here’s some food for thought: It’s painful when you get shampoo in your eyes, isn’t it? Imagine what it was like for the Beagle before the product got to stage where it was passed for human use … Most of the Beagles used for animal testing are left blind after the experiment. Think about that when you shower.

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