My affordable vegan skincare routine

My vegan skincare routine

I’ve wasted so many hours – not to mention money – over the years searching for the perfect skincare range to help kick acne’s butt. Last summer I actually forked out almost £300 on about five different products from Dermalogica and £150 on a Clarisonic in one last attempt to get rid of the pesky pimples. Nothing worked. In fact, they all made my skin worse and super dry.

Little did I know that the answer to my cries (literally) was in a dirt cheap range from Superdrug. After deciding to go vegan (I was previously cruelty free), I was hunting around on the web for a vegan skincare range because I didn’t see the point in pumping my body with wholesome good grub yet suffocating my skin *biggest organ* with chemical-riddled moisturisers and rinses when I came across a YouTuber who said the whole range at Superdrug is either vegan or vegetarian.

I have to admit I didn’t have the highest of expectations when I first gave the products a whirl – considering the price – but after a week my skin was either clear or had the tiniest blemish.

Vegan cleanser

I’m not a dermatologist, obviously, so I’m not sure I’m applying this right but it works for me. I use the B. Clean Melting cleanser to take my make up off. Depending on how much slap I’m wearing that day or whether I’ve been to the gym, I will often do a second cleanse as well to ensure I’ve got all the grime out of my pores before using the B. Stubborn make up remover to take my mascara off.

I use a flannel to wash off the products

Then I’ll just use a flannel to remove the remaining gel and apply the B. Essence lotion by patting it into my skin. Two times a week I’ll use the Deep Action blackhead scrub as a mask as well. I don’t think you’re meant to leave it on for too long but I use it for about 15 minutes and then wash it off. I don’t really suffer with blackheads but the little balls in the cream helps to pull off the dead skin.

I use the Deep Clean blackhead scrub as a mask

Depending on what time of day it is, I’ll apply my moisturisers from the same B. range. I smother my skin in the B. Confident day cream in the morning and slather on the B. Restored night cream before bed. The day cream sinks in super fast and I can apply my make up five minutes afterwards. The night cream takes ages to sink in but it doesn’t bother me because I’m going to sleep anyway. Side note: Make sure your hair is away from your face otherwise you’ll wake up and it’ll look super greasy!

I use two different creams depending on the time of day

I’m actually pleasantly surprised by how well these items work for me. I personally think it’s a combination of a vegan diet and a vegan lifestyle. My hair care/shower gel/washing powder are all vegan so they, collaboratively, may be helping to keep my skin clear. I’ve been using this range for about two months now and I’d 100 per cent keep purchasing it. It smells nice, it does its job and is sooo cheap!

All the links to the products I use are posted below.

B. Essence lotion – £3.45

B. Stubborn make up remover – £3.45

B. Clean melting gel cleanser – £6.99

B. Confident day cream – £4.69

B. Restored night cream – £5.95


Ps. Ignore my tan.

I promise it doesn’t look this orange once you wash off the top coat! Review on that coming soon, too!!

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