20 annoying things (some) meat eaters say to vegans

Hey my darlings,

Since I went vegan, I’ve been asked/told the questions/statements below countless times. Honestly, if I had a £1 for every time someone said something from this list, I’d be a millionaire. Anyone want to set me the challenge? haha. Just a quick disclaimer: This isn’t meant to offend anyone and is just a light-hearted post.

1.”But where do you get your protein?”

2. “Don’t you just eat lettuce and carrots?”

3. “If we don’t test on animals, how will we know it’s safe for us?”

4. “You’re missing out on essential vitamins.”

5. “Oh I could never go vegan! I like the taste of meat too much.”

6. “I could never eat dogs but pigs are different.”

7. “Cows are going to be milked anyway.”

8. “Vegetables feel pain too…”

9. “There aren’t enough vegetables to feed the world if everyone was vegan.”

10. “We’ve always eaten meat.”

11. “It’s the circle of life… survival of the fittest and all that.”

12. “Yeah, I’m basically vegan too, I only eat chicken and cheese.”

13. “I can’t survive without meat – I’m built to eat animals.”

14. “Animals eat each other, why don’t you have a problem with that?”

15. “If we didn’t eat meat, our brains wouldn’t be able to function as they do now.”

16. “Animals would take over the world if we didn’t eat them.”

17. “Vegans are SO extreme.”

18. “You’ll have brittle bones when you’re older.”

19. “At least the animals are looked after before they die.”

20. “Why are vegans so angry and preachy?” 

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